Snake Nuts – Fascinating Things By Thomas Fouts

Hi, I’m Thomas Fouts.

I, Thomas Fouts, still have a child’s curiosity and am amazed at the details! I am always in a state of wonderment, especially in nature. It doesn’t take much to keep me entertained, and I always have my trusty Panasonic Lumix with me to capture such fascinating and fun “stuff”!

Dragonflies – My favorite insect!

As I alluded to, I carry a Panasonic Lumix FZ60 that I love. In fact I have two of them. 100-250 photos a day is not unusual, especially if out hiking or back road tripping.

The other thing I am passionate about is back road cross country road tripping with my wife and dog. We have a ball! The van we have is outfitted with a custom made sleeping platform that stores all our travel gear and gives us a comfortable nights sleep on 8+ inches of a memory foam mattress.

Travel gear
The Fouts Tribe – Bonneville Salt Flats

There are so many incredible sights and experiences all along the way when we travel. It seems like the extra ordinary seeks us out! We have met some very interesting people, and I enjoy learning about them and their take on life.

We also enjoy hanging out at home, a lot! We designed and built our house on 11 acres with our own hands. We named it Blue Racer Ranch. My wife loves to grow plants and landscape our property. Of course, I have a hand in it as well.

We just had a huge “mortgage burning” party the end of June and had Madcat and the Blues Journey band play. It was epic!

Peter Madcat Ruth
Peter Madcat Ruth and The Blues Journey Band

I like old vintage things. I have a little antique “booth” at Sweet Pickins Antiques in South Haven, Michigan. My joy is going out picking, and finding interesting items I like, and think that others will like them enough to buy them.

Woodworking is another hobby of mine. Thomas Fouts is┬ánot a craftsman by any means, but I like to be creative and work with wood. I finally built my 12’X16′ shed this past year. It was not without injury, but recovery is almost complete!

Thomas Fouts
My “bucket list” shed.

So that is a tiny bit of information about me. This website will have posts about cool things I see, experience, my photos, reviews on helpful items/products that I come across, and even a video or two.

So stay tuned, bookmark the site and return often to get the latest from old Foutsie.


Thomas Fouts